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American Pitbull Terriers/American Bully descended from extremely people-oriented breeds. These dogs are very affectionate, even clingy. Despite their forbidding exterior, American bully /pitbull are soft-hearted, enjoy affection and interacting with humans. These dogs love the entire family rather than just one person and are known to adore children.

American Bullies / Pit bulls have a high tolerance of pain and are able to withstand roughness and even pain inflicted by children. They rarely snarl and never bite. At the same time, they know that children are their tireless playmates and best friends. As is the case with other breeds, correct socialization is key for normal interaction between these dogs and children.

Bullies and Pitbulls strangers well, as aggressiveness was a highly undesirable trait for their ancestors. If raised correctly, they are friendly and well-mannered. Some individual dogs may be wary and distrustful, but friendly animals who regard strangers as potential friends constitute the vast majority of the breed. However, they still need to undergo training, as these dogs’ physical strength makes them unmanageable in a hostile situation.

American Pit-bull Terriers / American Bully have natural protective instinct but are calm. They may make acceptable watch dogs, but are not sufficiently aggressive for this purpose. However, they don’t really need to be aggressive, as their looks are often deterring enough.



  • An American Bullies / Pitbulls love their humans fiercely and will give his life for them.

  • At the same time, these dogs are strong-willed and stubborn and are not a good fit for inexperienced breeders, as they may misbehave.

  • They are friendly to other dogs and always willing to play.

  • American Bullies adore children and are very forgiving to them.

  • These dogs have a very high pain threshold.

Confident but NOT aggressive, these dogs have very agreeable temperament. American Bully has a physically impressive, athletic built that combines strength and agility. American Pitbull Terriers / American Bully is a versatile breed that’s able to serve multiple purposes. In general, Pitbulls / American Bully is a well-built, reliable and trustworthy family companion dog. The breed is distinguished by its sociability and eagerness to please.

The History Of Breed

Founded in the United States between 1980 and 1990, the American Bully was produced using a foundation American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers bred to several bulldog-type breeds. It was created with the purpose of being a family companion dog.

American Bully’s unique feature is the fact that this breed was developed by tens or even hundreds of breeders rather than by a single person or club. Many of these breeders worked independently from each other. The states of Virginia and South Carolina were at the heart of these efforts, but the fashion spread rapidly across the entire country. The emergence of the breed’s name and even the exact time the breed itself came into existence is still a mystery. Bullies became widely known in the beginning of the XXI century but gained popularity in the last 5-8 years.

Since the breed was created by multiple breeders who often were unsure of the end result they were trying to achieve, American Bully boasts a wide variety of exteriors. They may be either significantly smaller or larger than the original American Pit Bull Terriers. Coat markings are not regulated, either. Body type, built and proportions vary much more than those of other purebred dogs, with American Bully being a very stocky, muscular breed. Nevertheless, they closely resemble their ancestor, and are easily confused for other breeds.

Like its ancestors, American Bully facilitated the formation of multiple clubs and organizations, including American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC), United Bully Kennel Club (UBKC), Bully Breed Kennel Club (BBKC), and United Canine Association (UCA). European Bully Kennel Club (EBKC) has its offices on Malta, in France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

Despite being a young breed, American Bullies are popular in the US. The population of registered dogs is rather large, and the unregistered one even larger. Although there is no formal statistical data, it appears that there are already more dogs of this breed in the US than is required for formal breed recognition by kennel clubs. There are also numerous American Bullies in Europe and Russia. Today, American Bullies are companion dogs, but they may also be used to complete other tasks.

Traits And Characteristics

American Bullies/Pit Bull Terrier’s main traits include a strong, powerful neck and wide chest with a well-developed muscular system. The dog’s weight isn’t regulated and may range from 70 to 160 pounds. All colorings are allowable for American Bullies/Pit Bull Terrier’s; the coat may be a solid color or have markings.

Swag Kennels breeds American Bullies/Pit Bull Terrier’s of varying colorings, such as champagne (red nose), lilac, lilac tri, blue (bluenose), as well as the most popular Merle/Lilac Merle. Pit Bulls are more than a dog; they are a reflection of his owner – a lifestyle – a worldview. They don’t forgive weakness and doesn’t ask for indulgence. American Bullies is a dog for strong-spirited, self-sufficient people, and it’s only in their hands that he will shine like a skillfully cut diamond and showcase the breed’s best features

American Bullies/Pit Bull Terrier’s is known and prized for being multifunctional: its athletic exterior, courageous temperament, sturdiness, strong spirit, as for well as being manageable, loving, and infinitely loyal to its family. It is ideal for families with children. This breed has performed well not only in dog shows but also in various sports, such as weight pulling. 

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