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Shipping and Payment

Our number one goal is to make the payment process secure and safe for our customers. So please read carefully and contact us at or call Christy at 512-599-1613 or Kenny at 512-888-5646 if you have any questions or concerns. 


We understand that coming up with the means to purchase a Bully Puppy can be difficult. We are ready and willing to work with you as long as the full price of the puppy is paid before pick-up or delivery.  The deposit and any payments are non-refundable (NO EXCEPTIONS). If for some reason you cannot get the puppy you have chosen out of the current litter, your money can then be used towards a puppy of the same quality from the next litter. The buyer will be responsible for any difference in price. 


All of our puppies come with UKC and USBR Registration, a one (1) year health guarantee, shot records, and will be up to date on vaccinations. 



When you have chosen your puppy and are ready to make a minimum deposit of $400, please contact us at or call us; Christy at 512-599-1613 or Kenny at 512-888-5646.  In some cases UKC and USBR paperwork may be delayed and that will be mailed later. 


We accept payment via cash, Pay Pal, and Walmart to Walmart.  Please note some of these online payment services have day/amount limits so please plan accordingly for final payment to be received prior to or at pickup.  We do not accept personal checks.  



You are more than welcome to drive and pick up your puppy in person. If this doesn't work for you, we're happy to ship your puppy via flight nanny. We do NOT allow our puppies to go to their new homes until a minimum of 8 weeks old. In rare cases we may keep the puppies until 9 or 10 weeks if we feel they are not ready for their new home yet. If you live far away and are not willing to pick your puppy up, we can safely ship your puppy via air.


VIP Air Transportation

This is our preferred method and most requested form of transport. You can literally rest easy knowing with 100% certainty that your puppy is safe and in good hands. Our Pet Nanny Service will hand deliver your puppy to your nearest airport for $500-$700 as set by the service based on final destination.

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