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Are you ready for your Bully...

Do you have the TIME?
Do you have the Right HOME?
Do you have the Energy?
Do you have the Right Supplies?

Just like a newborn baby, puppies require attention almost 24/7. It really is like having a second job. It would be a good idea to make sure you have a dog crate in order to provide a secure place for your puppy to rest and sleep. It's also useful for housebreaking. Puppies have small bladders and will require going out frequently or you can use puppy pads until they have all their vaccinations. Also, you may want to start getting them used to a play time schedule so you can wear the pup out and make sure he/she sleeps through the night. As pups they should be fed

3-4  times per day, but you can consult your Vet about the diet. Will you be away for 8 hour work days? Taking a new puppy away from it's brothers and sisters and leaving them alone hours at a time is not good. Plus, they will most likely have a mess in it's crate by the time you get back home. Isolation distress in dogs is very common and something we want to avoid in placement of our pups.

Most Apartment Complexes do not allow any Bully Breeds. We perfer our clients to be in a house with a nice size back yard.


Families spend months preparing for the arrival of a new baby. So you want to treat a new puppy in the same manner. There are many things to think about before making a decision if a puppy is right for you. Do you have a yard big enough for the puppy to play and exercise as he/she grows? If you don't, are you at least willing to take your dog for walks and parks to play when they become older enough and after theyve had all 4 Rounds of Vaccines? Do you have carpet throughout your home? Puppies tend to have accidents. A lack of a crate or puppy pen from day one makes house training harder on you and your pup. House rules and routines are especially important if there is more than one person in the house. Consistency goes a long way in successfully trying your puppy.

Just like active toddlers, puppies will have tons of energy. You must ask yourself if you'll be able to keep up with them, play with them.  This too is essential in training your pup. If they are tired throughout the day, they are less likely to be mischievous and get into things they shouldn't.

A dog crate or pen is essential for housebreaking. Other essentials include: a collar and leash, puppy pads, bedding, food and water bowls, chew toys, all natural shampoo, brush, puppy food. There are many checklists that you can find online that will have similar items. Search for yourself to make sure you are prepared for your new family member.

Veterinary care is so important to a puppies well being. You want to research veterinarians in your area ahead of picking up your new puppy. We recommend reading reviews, asking neighbors & friends, or even visiting the office and see what feeling you get from your visit. 

We strongly encourage you to please do your research before purchasing your first bully puppy.



 TxBlueDiamondBullyz is a strong believer of “you get what you pay for,” we don’t try to market our puppies for an insane lucrative amount of money or lie about our pricing. Before you purchase your first bully puppy online, you must learn to beware of breeders that breed for the wrong reason or purpose; these are the ones that are ready to rip off your hard earned money and will jump straight to a sale. A true breeder cares more about the puppy’s wellbeing before putting a price tag on a pup. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility so be very selective. 


When contacting us for your first bully puppy, please feel free to be more specific on the type of bully puppy you are trying to acquire such as sex, size, coat and personality.   All puppies vary and we will try our best to deliver your needs and try to match you with the right puppy.   Making sure our puppies go to a good loving home where they will be appreciated and properly cared for is more important to us than making a few bucks.  Even in some cases, when unexpected circumstances arise such as problems regarding space or money, we will strive to assist you in any way possible.  If available, we will offer you what we have and in the event that we do not have what you are looking for, we will be more than happy to give you a reference to a reputable breeder that may match your criteria.

We are not breeding for the cash but for our passion to create the perfect bully style dog we envisioned.  All of our dogs are a part of our family so it makes us even happier to be able to live up to our passion and have the opportunity to be able to find them good loving homes; this is why we try to market our puppies as affordable as we can. Please also understand, we do this full time and do have alot of expenses with the dogs such as food, supplements, vet bills, registrations, monthly wormings and medications, ect. 

We sincerely thank you in taking the time to go through our website and its pages. We guarantee you will not find a better lineup of Bully puppies anywhere else at any price!

If you cannot afford a puppy from TxBlueDiamondBullyz, we strongly urge you to consider adopting.



You bought your first Bully puppy: So now what?

Although owning your first bully puppy can be very easy in most cases, we always try to prepare our buyers for any problem that may arise. Our bullies are an integral part of our family and we try to provide them with the best care we can. This section is dedicated to educating you on how to train, housebreak, and care for your first bully puppy.
Bullies and dogs in general make such great pets because they are social animals by nature. New pet owners often exert themselves to find the right food, toys and treats and forget their puppy’s role in the family is an equally important aspect of their new pet’s life. Your first bully puppy has to be taught his or her place in their new family. Whether is just you and the puppy or a family full of children and pets, the new bully puppy needs to have a solid place of belonging. Dogs do not know the concept of equa
lity, so they must be taught who is the pack leader as in the natural setting. Someone in the family has to assume the role of being the leader of the household. This concept of “the pack leader” is very important, which is why Ceasar Milan, aka the “Dog Whisperer,” uses this concept in almost every single one of his training sessions.
Your first bully puppy is naturally wired to follow a pack leader. A pack leader is strong, stable, and consistent. Many new owners often give into their new puppy. Puppies can sense our confidence levels and will take control if they perceive us as weak. If you don’t assert yourself as the pack leader from day one, your new puppy may try to take on the role as boss. This is the reason why many dog owners have behavioral issues.

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